Debby and Charlie Yaker

We have been full time RV'ers since 2002. These pictures are from the places where we traveled traveleds. In addition to this photo gallery we have a web site that further displays the history of our RVing life style. (there is no advertising at our site)


I have been advised by friends that my albums are too big for presentation and that I should edit them accordingly. I guess I can’t disagree with that but won’t make any changes.

In 2016 we were touring parts of the Grand Circle on our return to the East Coast from California. I have been taking a lot of pictures. As a result of this and the migration of my pictures from Phanfare to Smugmug I have given a great deal of thought to those albums.

When we started this journey in 2002 I took pictures to tell the story of our journey and only posted select pictures on our web log.

Somewhere along the line in addition to those pictures I used to tell our story I began posting almost all the pictures I took to a public hosting site. I believe it was after our trip to Australia - New Zealand and have continued the practice ever since.

I guess I could spend the time and wittle down the numbers selecting the best of the best but that takes time and frankly I find that I have more enjoyable things to do.

So you can consider these albums more as a repository then a presentation and view them or not as you wish with the knowledge that I will not be insulted either way. (I am not sure anybody views them anyway or our weblog especially after the advent of Facebook).

I will say this however; if you are planning a trip or trying to decide where to go this site and our WebLog can be very helpful since we aren’t selling anything.

You can view the thumbnails clicking on any picture that catches your fancy enlarging it to fill the screen.